What do good readers do?

They THINK while they are reading.

Use Phonics & Decoding to break apart unfamiliar words into chunks that we know. Then blend the chunks together.
Predict and Infer by using our knowledge and experiences, along with clues from the story, to think about what will happen next, or to think about why something happens in a story.
Monitor that we are understaning what we are reading. If we are not, we Clarify by rereading, reading ahead and using illustrations.
We Question while we are reading by asking who, what, when, where, why and how to monitor our comprehension and understand the author's purpose.
Good readers Make Connections to their own lives, to other books, and to the world.
Good readers EVALUATE by making judgments about how well the author wrote and how well they enjoyed the story.
Summarize by telling the most important parts of the story quickly: the main characters, setting, problem, main events, and solution.